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Meet The Staff

Meet the Staff: Featured Work

Mathilde Carret

Mathilde Carret excels in mass communication. She was a communications intern at Schneider Electric, where she organized an event for clients to promote and offer new products. While in Latvia for one year, she recorded her adventures and published them on YouTube. She developed a taste for editing, publishing and video management and plans to pursue a career in content production. This French student has traveled to 15 countries by the age of 21. She has a passion for team sport, practicing gymnastics for 14 years while being a coach.

Mathilde Carret_edited.jpg

Brock Cheung

Brock Cheung is an empathetic journalist with a worldwide perspective.  He specializes in production along with editing and public relations. Recently, he served as a community manager for a startup in Vancouver, where he managed relations between the company and its consumers. He is a natural planner and hopes to create not just unique but meaningful stories for Winthrop Close Up that focus on diversity and inclusion.  During his free time, he enjoys working on user experience design projects and watching documentaries to learn more about the world around him.


Arthur Le Corguille

Arthur Le Corguille specializes in communication, with experience in visual design, marketing and management.  As a bilingual writer and content creator, he shares his unique perspective.  His professional experience includes internships at several companies where he managed social networks, websites, newsletter and influencers partnerships. In one expression he is versatile. Arthur enjoys sports and listening to music and welcomes opportunities in either industry. He is known as a “sneakerhead,” and loves everything linked to sneaker/tennis shoes.

Arthur Profile Pic.jpeg

Clémence Dufourmantelle

Clémence Dufourmantelle is an aspiring French journalist with experience in print and radio.  She has always enjoyed asking questions, researching, discussing, and sharing information about historical and current events, so journalism was a natural choice.  
During her studies in France, she worked for a newspaper. She learned how to write articles and edit them for publication. This allowed her to discover the process of creating articles. In addition, she volunteered for two years in a student radio station. This allowed her to learn how to speak in front of an audience, how to create a column and how the radio works. All of these experiences have given her an increased knowledge of the media and the world of journalism that she now wants to put to good use at CloseUp.


Logan Elrod

Logan Elrod has a passion for storytelling using mediums such as videography and writing. As a videographer, he has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from commercials to short films. In the past, Logan was the vice president of the video production club, a club that produces and shoots a short film each semester, and he has made commercials for local Rock Hill businesses. When he’s not shooting
video, Logan can be found writing flash fiction or working as a barista.


Marie Feichtinger

Marie Feichtinger study mass communication in the USCOM program in Paris, where she specializes in content creation, filming, photography and editing.  For the past three years, she has worked as a freelancer, creating content for companies, artists, and influencers. She additionally completed three internships, with experience working for a startup, an agency, and the auto corporation, Stellantis. She had the opportunity to increase hers skills in content creation, partnerships, marketing, logistic, event planning, as well as conducted interviews on the Covid crisis for Canadian TV News company, LCN.  With an Italian mom and Austrian dad, she got a taste of travel and multiculturalism at an early age.  She loves spending time with friends, reading, writing, and taking nature walks with her dogs.


Jamia Johnson

Jamia Johnson is a multi-talented broadcast journalist, photographer, and creator. She has obtained many roles that allow her to gain experience in different aspects. A former photographer for Winthrop’s newspaper called the Johnsonian. She’s currently the co-chair of Press & Publicity of NAACP which she is in charge of spreading news to a mass amount of people. Jamia is also The Historian for The Association of Black Journalists which she is in charge of making sure everything is documented with a website she personally created for the organization.


Halia Julian

Halia Julian is an artist working on various crafts of art from writing and producing narratives. She has written scripts for Winthrop Close Up and dabbled in anchoring. Before joining the Winthrop Close Up crew, she worked on video editing in high school and would like to venture off into the filming industry. When she’s not in the studio, Halia spends her time painting and reading.


Inès Krimis

Inès Krimis is a photographer with global experience in the communication field, including an internship at a fashion company in her home nation of France and a hotel chain in Morocco. She loves to record everything with her phone and her portfolio of work highlights the diversity of the modern world.  Inès enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures and plans to work in the United States as she finishes her degree in mass communications.

Inès Krimis_edited.jpg

Meredith McCoy

Meredith McCoy considers herself a jack-of-all-trades. She likes to write scripts, produce 
Winthrop Close Up shows, and edit them for the website. She is also experienced with live sports production where she job shadowed under ESPN+ in the area as a camera and graphics operator, and she plans to gain more experience under a practicum. She hopes to find a producing or editing position for any company in South Carolina after graduating. When she's not in the studio, Meredith enjoys interacting with her neighbors in Animal Crossing or taking pictures of nature.


Londa Pringle

Londa Pringle strives to create honest and reliable media for her audience. She is experienced in video editing, camera operation, and managing the studio floor. In the future, Londa plans to pursue a career as a director of communications. When she’s not in the studio, Londa spends her time trying new recipes or improving her photography skills.


Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith is a Winthrop University news reporter and anchor based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Smith is a current Senior Mass Communication Major with a concentration in broadcast journalism with a minor in human resource management from Darlington, South Carolina. After Smith graduates from Winthrop, he plans to further his career and education into multimedia journalism where his end goal is to be a news morning anchor or a tv talk show host.


Lilly Spruill

Lilly Spruill is a freelance videographer who has a passion in storytelling in multiple media platforms. She has an eye for attention to detail and a skill for editing. She plans on working in production for companies while interviewing individuals showcasing their own stories on the side. Lilly enjoys helping out with the production of off set segments and portions of  Winthrop Close Up.


Joshua Streeter

Joshua Streeter is skilled in digital production and marketing and aspires to manage a sports team. As a college athlete in track, he is a big sports fan, with plenty of experience in sports production, Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. After he graduates in 2022, Joshua plans to pursue a master’s degree in sports digital marketing. Aside from watching sports, he loves to play video games and spend time with family and friends.


Nick Taplett

Nick Taplett enjoys being in the newsroom. Prior to joining the Winthrop Close Up team, Nick has worked in broadcasting all throughout highschool and carried his excitement for broadcasting into college. He hopes that the skills he learns with the Mass Communication Department will help him in his career. Nick is a current athlete and likes to transfer his knowledge and love for sports into his work. When not in the studio Nick enjoys playing baseball and participating in outdoor activities.


Clemence Verite

Clemence Verite is a French communication student who enjoys sports journalism. Her love of the game led her to pursue a career as a communications specialist for a basketball team. She likes writing and reporting stories for the newspaper of her hometown. Before coming to Winthrop University, she recorded radio spots at a French radio station called RCF and she sharpened her production skills by managing social media and writing articles.

Clemence Verite.jpg

Anna Vernet

Anna Vernet is an international student from France pursuing a career as a communicator. She loves telling stories and sending impactful messages through words. Through her three internships in communication agencies and press relations, Anna has developed a certain versatility that allows her to adapt to any situation such as breaking news or learning the latest social media platform.  She also finds a strong interest in writing, whether it be facts or fiction. In her spare time, Anna enjoys reading, traveling, and going out with friends. She often tries to get out of her comfort zone, meet new people and learn from others.


CJ Wallace

C.J Wallace is a freelance photographer who has a passion for storytelling in multimediaplatforms. Wallace is a current Senior Mass Communication major with a concentration inbroadcast journalism and a minor in Film & Content Production from Atlanta, Georgia. She isexperienced in video editing, camera operation, and running social media accounts. WhenWallace graduates she plans to work for a marketing company making content

CJ Bio Pic.jpg

Tate Walden

Tate Walden is a current freelance photographer and former professional photographer for the Johnsonian Publications. Formally, he co-host a freelance talk show on WINR Radio called “Trash Talk” that focused on pop culture news and events. Now Tate is working as the social media advisor for WInthrop Close Up, here his main goal is to increase engagement and establish a better platform for future students to showcase their talents.

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